Smart Surface Tubed Wall 82 Small


Beautifully designed and customisable to any smaller venue, there is a Smart luminaire for anybody interested in adding an element of elegance to their space. With Smart tubed wall, illumination can now come from above and/or below, for truly beautiful and unique effects. Compatible with 82mm round spots, Smart tubed wall units direct light up and down or simply down parallel to a wall, depending on the tube size: XL (190mm), L (130mm) or S (86mm). The units come in black or white structures and can be fitted with Smart cake, Smart kup and Smart lotis spots in white, black or gold. Both the adjustable and the fixed versions (LED and GU10 for tube/box) can be combined in the Smart tubed wall. Gear can be included or excluded. Add any Smart Cup, Smart Cake, or Smart Lotis recessed downlight to the Smart Surface Tubed housing to produce your finished fixture.

Be charleroi privres smart tubed wall smart lotis 33
Be charleroi privres smart tubed wall smart kup 35
Be charleroi privres smart tubed wall smart cake 40

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White Structured
Black Structured
Black Structured
White Structured

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