Qbini Square


A portmanteau of ‘cubic’ and ‘mini’, Qbini introduces modular, miniature, recessed LED lighting solutions to residential and hospitality venues and boutiques. Several Qbini portfolio expansions are already planned, for even greater versatility to come. Modular’s smallest recessed portfolio at 44mm square, Qbini’s patented press-in,[[BR]]press-out technology makes installation simple, even in concrete ceilings, no screws required. Depending on the effect you’d like to achieve with your luminaire, you can choose a black or white frame that accommodates one, two, three or four Qbini lamps. Qbini comes in any combination of several shapes - square, round, in, out and tapered - and in two colours - black and white.

Nl utrecht privres qbini square tapered 01
Nl utrecht privres qbini square out 02
Be kortrijk privres qbini square in 05

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