Vaucluse "Framed" House

Located in Sydney’s Vaucluse, the existing semi-detached dwelling undergoes a restoration and extension to create an open and connected family home. Luis Gomez-Siu’s highly detailed methodology sees junctions intersect with materiality and open and closed elements with ease. The concept is driven by a sense of restraint, carefully binding the existing heritage elements with the new and contemporary without a feeling of opposing or overwhelming the original.


The concept behind the kitchen was to specify a product that covered the full length of the island bench and had the versatility of an up & down light being switched independently. Up light for general mood and down light as a working light for the kitchen. Designer, Luis Gomez-Siu required a dimmable fitting with the full spectrum of intensity and light punch. The project featured the LTS LK70 Suspended Direct/Indirect LED profile which provided the right aesthetic and technical output, while hiding the power cable to achieve a clean and minimal look. The final and almost sculptural hanging light, is in perfect sync with the pivot doors and door hood of the main living area. All of these three elements being frames, triggered the name of the house: FRAMED House.


Shifting from the kitchen to the bathrooms the idea was to keep them functional and simple for everyday use but with an element of interest. The shower, being a key factor to ‘start the day’ in a good mood, was something Gomez-Siu wanted to fill with light regardless of the time of the day. A waterproof LED strip was incorporated as a central design element, letting the light be the ‘star of the show’ in an understated way, being recessed and flush with the wall. When turned off, its opal diffuser blends with the white tiles.



Products Used:

LTS LK70 Suspended Direct/Indirect LED profile

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