Hoyts Entertainment Quarter

Since 2017, JSB Lighting has worked directly with Tim Bradbury, Hoyts Design Manager and other industry partners to create a whole new cinema experience that’s luxurious, sophisticated and world-class.

Over the last three years, we have been involved in 9 cinema upgrades where the design intention has been to “immediately immerse visitors into the world of cinematography”, says Tim Bradbury. 

Most recently, we have worked on Hoyts Entertainment Quarter with its bigger seats, better screens and sound, and an upscale menu that spans far beyond just popcorn and choc-tops. The recently re-opened cinema introduces a suite of exciting new features whilst still paying homage to the site’s 1950s heritage.

Custom JSB Special Hollywood Lights were used throughout the entryway to entice movie-goers to step into a world of cinema magic and Hollywood glamour.

Special attention was also paid to Artie's Bar and Café, named after Hoyts founder Dr. Arthur Russell. The space is intended to stand up as a bar in its own right, while also offering hot food and drinks that can be taken into the movies. The bar features Intralux Kove LED Mini C15 LED profile, integrated seamlessly into the joinery detail.

The candy bar area also received a major revamp with bespoke Halo Circular Pendants by JSB Specials. JSB Lighting worked hand-in-hand with Hoyts directly to design and manufacture the custom Halo Pendants that surround the circular snack pods while bending seamlessly with the design aesthetic throughout Treat City.


Products Used:

JSB Specials Halo Circular Pendants
JSB Specials Hollywood Lights
IILUS Mono 60
IILUS Mode 100
TAL Micro Tommy 1 Leaf
Intralux Enepro S XS
Intralux Kove LED Mini
Red Square Down 137
Red Square FlexLED F15B


Project Partners:

Hoyts Design Team

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Hoyts 5
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