Empire Village

IGA forms part of the Empire Village Shopping Centre rebuild. The site had burned down in 2014, yet had been such an important place for the community that residents wanted the rebirth of the shopping centre to start immediately. The suburb has historical significance for Perth and Australia as the location of the Empire Games (now Commonwealth Games) Village in 1962 (some of the homes are still found throughout the area). Situated on the highest point in City Beach, the Empire Village Shopping site was the Athletes Dining Hall and a valued destination for residents. Materials look to an honest palette that speaks a West Australian design language. Red brick blends with the residential context of the location and is a humble material; timber signage fascia grounds the structure into the site and acknowledges the surrounding parklands of trees; steel references modernist architecture and allowed us to design the generous balcony; fresh whites and concrete paths identify the easy beach culture of the suburb and hint at nostalgia for simpler times; and we introduced planters for layering of landscaping to soften the overall structure and bring it back to its ‘garden suburb’ roots.

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