Benhome Masonic Village

Benhome Masonic Village in Maitland is a 59-bed residential aged care facility that provide assisted living which includes round-the-clock care.

Benhome Masonic Village is located close to the town of Maitland which has a rich heritage and holds strong historical connections in the Hunter Region. In fact, Maitland is one of the oldest heritage rich regional centres in Australia and paying homage to that history was a key consideration throughout the project.

The project involved an extension joining into the existing buildings at four separate locations. The building consisted of two levels comprising 59 resident rooms, a commercial kitchen and laundry, five serveries, four dirty utilities and large open courtyards.

LTS PL20’s were installed throughout the project, with focus given to community common areas for softer lighting. The LTS PL20 is a circular diffused geometric form that was chosen for this project for its cloud-like aesthetics. The memorable design combined with a homogenous light field produces sophisticated and architectural lighting design.


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Grindley Construction

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