Lumascape, now at JSB!

JSB is proud to announce a new affiliation with Lumascape, a leading global manufacturer of exterior architectural, landscape and underwater lighting. 

First founded in Australia in 1991, their offices now span multiple continents, and have a global export network of more than 40 countries, and 50 specialist representatives. 

Through an ongoing commitment to research and development, world-class manufacturing, advanced lighting testing & development facilities, they are creating a world connected through smart lighting. 

Lumascape products are designed on four essential principles: anticipation of our customers’ needs; reliability; durability; and the application of advanced, proven technology. 

Lumascape's Australian heritage supports JSB’s expanding portfolio of Australian made & owned brands. We are delighted to be entering this new partnership.

Lumascape can now be specified and purchased through JSB in Queensland, the Northern Territory, South Australia, Western Australia and New Zealand.

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