20 Trends for 2020

At JSB Lighting we believe light brings life and we’re kicking off the year with our top 20 trends for 2020. 


Trend #1: Silver Leaf


2020 will bring eternal beauty with silver leaf that creates an ethereal and shimmery finish. The Silver Leaf finishing will be applied to a wide variety of shapes including geometric, free form, orb, classic chandeliers and lamps.



Trend #2: Black just got blacker


Black and gold were statement finishes throughout 2019, but 2020 will see gold diminish in favour of highlighting pure black. Statement lights will include various black finishes thus creating contrast within the one colour family. Having said that gold will still remain a featured accent colour but will lose some prominence throughout 2020. Check out TAL’s Berrier Jnr M10 Halosphere



Trend #3: Urbanisation


Cherished inner neighbourhoods of major capital cities are in demand not just because of their location. Their layout of small parks, little main streets, terraces, shop-top housing, laneways and public transport at their doorstep are highly attractive to residents. From 2020, designers and developers of developing outer suburbs will draw inspiration from inner-city suburbs to create equally attractive new communities, which will help ‘urbanise the burbs’.



Trend #4: Smart Lighting


Illumination in no longer just about light, it’s about how lighting works and functions. Colours, timing, on and off programming or vocal control are some of the options that you can easily manage through an intelligent lighting system which is becoming more important and prevalent throughout 2020.



Trend #5: Flexible Workplaces


Workplaces and office environments will continue to focus on collaborative and flexible environments, with more corporates shifting to hot-desking arrangements. Lighting and furniture will play a major role in creating break-out zones and brain storming areas to increase employee engagement, wellbeing and productivity.



Trend #6: Woven and Natural Textures


Natural Textures are definitely not a new thing, and the industry has seen this trend continue to rise over the last few years. The good news, it remains a hot trend but is getting even better. 2020 will see natural stone and beads being added to decorative, high-impact lights allowing them to make an even bigger statement. With the wood collection DALSGAARD, TAL takes its inspiration directly from nature. The lighting fixtures reflect the organic shapes of nature and the wood, with its fascinating veins, seems to embrace the light. 



Trend #7: Biophilic Lighting


With building design approaches expanding to include lighting for wellbeing, Biophilic Lighting takes centre stage. The positive benefits of green walls in improving air quality, promoting wellbeing and enhancing the design and ambience of the interior space are profound. The technical challenge of engineering a lighting solution that is suited to both humans and plants has been met by Intralux’s Enepro Grow, with several successful projects in 2019. We expect Biophilic Lighting to be a growth area in 2020! Enepro Grow has infiltrated the Green Wall market sector, offering a specialist luminaire that distributes an architecturally pleasing lighting outcome whilst providing indoor plants the lighting requirements they need to survive, flourish and photosynthesize.



Trend #8: Mixed Use


State Government planning systems are shifting to promote and encourage “overlapping use” where buildings cater for residential, commercial and retail needs. The need for intertwined mixed use is enhancing our residential apartments, commercial offices and retail shopping centres are designed to not only co-exist but also enhance their individual function. 



Trend #9: Dark Sky Compliance


Focus on environmentally friendly lighting solutions is set to increase throughout 2020, where a light's backlight, uplight and glare will become more important. Ensuring all outdoor lights are appropriately aimed with a controlled light source is paramount. 



Trend #10: More is more


This year we will see even more lights being included in projects. The implementation of decorative, accent, functional lights will all work hand-in-hand to provide the perfect light balance within a project. 



Trend #11: Geometry Rules


Geometric shapes are becoming a rising trend as they create light shapes to bring focus to a space, giving it a unique look and feel. Bold geometric shapes provide the perfect solutions for lobbies as well as dining and kitchen areas. Luceplan Farel introduces an iconic dome structure, a neutral geometric form proposed in sound-absorbing thermoformed material with outer fabric cladding. The lamp can be personalized thanks to a combination of colours of the shade, ranging through cool, warm and neutral tones for the outside, combined with dark or pale hues for the inside.



Trend #12: Design-focused Office Lighting


Modern workplaces are leaning more towards hospitality-designed aesthetics as opposed to cold, functional office design. 2020 will introduce a new level of comfort and warmth into office design with wellness-focused and environmentally friendly solutions.



Trend #13: 3D Printing Luminaires


This is the cutting edge of lighting solutions for 2020, with more traction to be gained in the next 3-5 years. In some cases, 3D printing is a more sustainable, flexible form of manufacturing where products can be 100% bespoke and recyclable at the end of their lifetime. Currently, it’s more decorative or lighting components that are being 3D printed, but we’re excited to see how this evolves throughout 2020 and beyond.  



Trend #14: Minimisation of Blue Light


We all know that people are affected by blue light, mostly coming from their smartphone and/or laptop. Nowadays, people are wearing blue light blocking glasses to minimise the impact of blue light, which affects sleep patterns and a person’s long-term health. 2020 may see the development of human-centric lighting that mimics the sun and aligns with the body’s circadian rhythms.



Trend #15: Sustainability


Buildings comprise nearly 40% of greenhouse gas emissions, and in response to growing concerns, designers and architects are striving to make a monumental difference in the way they design and build structures. Manufacturers and suppliers need to focus on sustainable and resilient practices to facilitate responsible architecture, design and construction.



Trend #16: Bringing the outdoors in


From home design to corporate offices to function areas, 2020 will see the outdoors be invited inside. Both private and public buildings will look to integrate and combine multiple areas to create a sense of flow from the indoors through to the outdoors in a seamless manner. The benefits of greenery are evident in both personal and professional settings.



Trend #17: Shop local


‘Hyper-local’ will be a trend for retail and services of all kinds. Big retailers are shifting from the mega-super-store to local outposts that look and feel more like part of the community. It’s essential that retail design assimilates into the local neighbourhood to create a sense of belonging. 



Trend #18: Organic Materials


If there’s one thing to say about organic materials, it’s that they never go out of style. The shift in organic materials that we’re expecting to see in 2020 is absolute purity of the material. We’re excited to see wood, copper, metal and stone without any additional treatments or finishes. 



Trend #19: Industrial lights are getting more refined


The industrial trend has been around for some time now, and it’s not going away. We will see if it becomes more refined in 2020. You can expect to see more elegant metals, varied tones and alternative designs all completed in a sophisticated manner. The Compendium suspension is an essential, elegant lamp that spreads an ample quantity of light on surfaces. It is versatile, for direct downward or indirect upward lighting, adjusted by rotating the reflector at the time of installation. Linear and tee joints make multiple compositions possible. The lamp can be used with a wall dimmer.



Trend #20: Downsizing of the mega home


Over the last 20 years we have seen residential homes get super-sized, with mega homes including home theatres, indoor gyms, parent’s retreats etc. This has meant that mega-homes are built further out thus disconnecting them from local inner-city communities. Both ends of the spectrum – people in their 20s and the elderly, are choosing to downsize in order to be close to amenities. 



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