Lot Fourteen, on the site of the former Royal Adelaide Hospital, is being transformed into a global precinct where ideas and innovation come to life and thousands of people will work, study and visit.

Mode Trimless downlighters are used throughout circulation areas and bedrooms, keeping ceiling planes clean and allowing the architects to use full height floor to ceiling doors. Fade Uplighters and Trimless Floor Washers throughout corridors deliver a diffuse wash of light for a soft ambience.


JSB Lighting has a strong focus on solution-based lighting application, bringing to the Australian and New Zealand markets the latest in luminaire design and performance, applied with a detailed understanding of the role of light within architecture.

We believe that considered application of light creates opportunities for richer experiences within our built environment.

Light brings life.


Working with the best brands
to serve the Lighting Industry

  • FOS FOS is a solutions driven innovative lighting and controls business using in house design experience and engineering coupled with manufacturing facilities both in Australia and offshore.
  • Vekta With the Integration of High-Quality LED’s in all fittings, Vekta is a dependable, efficient family with realistic colour rendering. With VEKTA ranging from micro profiles, Macro Linear pendants, and recessed fittings there is a solution for any architectural vision.
  • FREND A trusted Australian owned lighting brand that manufactures in Australia a comprehensive range of innovative luminaires, supported by in-house design, engineering and manufacturing expertise.
  • Megabay Australia’s premier manufacturer of LED luminaires at the forefront of innovation, with a suite of LED luminaires developed using combined advice from acclaimed architects, lighting designers and engineers.
  • TAL Belgian premium designed and manufactured technical architectural lighting products that enhance a person’s well-being by creating colour, warmth and atmosphere.
  • IILUS Australian produced architectural lighting products that are specifically designed to prioritise function and limit superfluous details, ensuring that the products sit silently and comfortably within the surrounding architecture.
  • Luceplan Beautifully designed and crafted Italian high-end architectural lighting products that are the perfect synthesis of beauty, functional quality and sustainability.
  • Red Square Red Square is our own curated range of cost-effective lighting solutions, selected for a fast delivery, high performance, quality design & modern aesthetic. JSB regularly updates & refines the Red Square portfolio to meet the needs of our clientele.
    Red Square
  • Securlite Securlite specialises in lighting solutions that stand up to the toughest of natural and man-made conditions, including exceptional resistance to impact and vandalism. Securlite supplies long-life products, reducing maintenance and replacement.
  • Ljus Design LJUS is a Swedish LED lighting company specialising in lighting solutions for museums, galleries and exhibitions.
    Ljus Design
  • Eclatec ECLATEC is a French lighting manufacturer specialising in urban luminaires and street lighting. With a focus on quality, precision assembly and superior finishing. They offer upgradeable and interchangeable modules, that are attractive solutions for urban environments.
  • Legacy Sport Lighting Legacy Sport Lighting provides the latest technology in Australian-Made LED floodlighting for sport and industrial applications. Their range features superior output, durability and uniformity.
    Legacy Sport Lighting

The exquisite design of Vacheron Constantin boutique is complimented with stunning lighting solutions by Lucent.

At Sake the open kitchen is the throbbing heart of the restaurant. Directional downlights illuminate table settings, meals and artworks, and highlight textured finishes such as a raw rendered wall, without washing the space with too much indirect light. 


Our extensive range covers all your lighting needs
from decorative to accent to functional.


Our dedicated Architectural Lighting Consultants have decades of experience, making JSB Lighting one of the most experienced lighting providers. Contact our team to discuss your upcoming project. 

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